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Leased Ad Space set to Launch

According to the creator Richard Weberg, his much anticipated site “Leased Ad Space” (set to launch any day now) has been “in the works” for about 2 years now. Richard has been earning money online for the past 12 years. In Richard’s own words this site  LeasedAdSpace will be his “Masterpiece”. Building this site was no small task. On LeasedAdSpace everything is hand coded, no script here!. It took sometime before he even found someone who could build it. Even still several programmers have contributed to the building of the site. The advertising platform on LeasedAdSpace will stand on its own.

Everyone will have a profile page on LeasedAdSpace and can submit posts and videos that will be picked up by the search engines. Also members can submit solo ads to the whole membership database and they will also be posted on the ad blog on the LeasedAdSpace site. This on top of the banner and text ad impressions that come with each advertising package you buy!

Members of LeasedAdSpace can sell the ad packages they buy, and payments are member to member!  No waiting to be paid! Each ad package bought will enable the member to purchase the next package level. You never have to spend out of pocket!    To sum it up not only will the advertising on LeasedAdSpace be excellant it will also be the Perfect Multi-level opportunity!  You can join my “Pre-launch List” and get in at the Top here :                                             http://pageswirl.com/rotate.php?user=Audreysorg-4

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